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FKS offers some very unique solutions for everyday life. The main solutions we offer are helping our customers reach new audiences, keep their computer equipment up and running at the same time recovering and avoiding data nightmares, and cutting the cost of using large companies for needed tasks. If you do not see your solution just ask and our team will be able to provide a solution for your needs.






Podcast In iTunes

With most people using iTunes as their number one place to get content from movies to music, it is also most people's number one source for educational and spiritual content. Your people are losing out if your content is not available for download in the iTunes store.

Let FKS move your service, lecture, Bible study... recordings to the iTunes store where all of your followers will have 24/7 access to your life changing content.

It is easy to begin. All FKS will need is your already edited audio content in any format (editing will incur extra cost), organization logo and simple content information such as author and title, thats it! It is just that easy! FKS will take care of the rest. You do not need a hosting account or a website, FKS will handle all the required feeds that iTunes needs behind the scenes.

It is a great way to stay current with the times and reach more people. It is great for the sick and shut in, to be able to get this much needed weekly content. You will also be able to link direct from your current website to your iTunes content. What a great opportunity to push your message to a wider audience.  

Service starts at $200 a month for your weekly Podcast submissions.

It is time to take your congregation, fans, followers experience to the next level